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Marijn van Laerhoven

Marijn van Laerhoven, born on november 3rd, 1982 in Amsterdam, NL | Writes about: Electronic Music & Events | Music Production and "M for momentum" live PA | Amsterdam ArenA Tours & Events | Denim / Jeans | Dreams | Movies & Series
Dec 26 '11
M for momentum - The Clock (teaser)

M for momentum - The Clock: a track for the year change 2011-2012. Full version per request or in 2012.

Dec 7 '11
M for momentum - Bunga Bunga ft. Bas Nelen (Time Warp Holland tribute)

[NEW] M for momentum - Bunga Bunga ft. Bas Nelen

Jun 8 '11
"Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted."
John Lennon
Jun 2 '11

These are only a month or three old. The Nudie Jeans Average Joe Dry Organic Selvage. As you can see they’ve managed to keep away from filthy nightclubs and muddy festivals so far. They’re getting their wear mostly in the Amsterdam ArenA on my stadium tours, which does include a lot of steps up and down. I’m really curious as to how they’ll turn out.

Jun 2 '11

My first post on Tumblr is a set of pictures that I took of my Atelier LaDurance Prescott Selvage jeans, somewhere in August 2010. I’m still wearing these jeans today, mostly when going out. Starting upcoming Saturday at Free Your Mind festival in Arnhem, I’ll be wearing them for a second season of outdoor music festivals.

This one is a new project that went off to a false start, only a few months in. This is what you get when you take your jeans to a weekend long music festival with tons of rain and mud, and dance wildly anyway. Yes, jeans are meant to be worn and jeans are indeed meant to get dirty, but this is a whole new level of dirty. After coming back home they surprised even the most experienced dry cleaner in town, whom finally accepted to clean them for an extra charge. I agreed, and this is the result (you guess which picture is before and which one is after). I am not yet ready to call this project a fail, hope exists for them to continue to fade, even though they were cleansed too early. Time will tell.”